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Communication Boards

  • Vidatak Patient Picture Board & Word Boards.
  • Available in a variety of languages.
  • Medical communication board for non-verbal patients.
  • The Vidatak EZ Board is the only clinical, research-based communication intervention for the non-verbal patient/resident, and it was actually designed by those who were unable to speak.
  • Use of the Vidatak EZ Board has been shown to reduce patient/resident frustration and increase satisfaction with care.
  • You will find the Vidatak EZ Board to be an essential communication tool for patients/residents with communication impairments.
  • Using this board the verbally-disabled can express wants, convey needs, and indicate the type, degree and location of pain that they may be experiencing.



Product and clinical info can be viewed at An Innovation in Communication The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) has improved their patient communication standards of care by requiring hospitals and other caregiving organizations to document each patient/resident’s ability and means to communicate. The Vidatak EZ Board is an inexpensive way to help your organization meet the 2006 National Patient Safety Goals.

Vidatak EZ Spiritual Care Communication Boards

designed for mechanically ventilated patients and non-verbal patients.

Large and easy to read images and words.

Board size is 11 x 17.

Comes with attached black sharpie for additional communication support.

The board is an evidenced based communication tool developed by New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Study published in the 2016 ATS Journal.

Single patient use item.


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