Led by medical device entrepreneur Mark Tomchik, Acuity Medical can help start-ups and mature business achieve their business development goals. This includes:


• Proof of Business Concept

• Business Plans

• Funding

• Product Promotions & Launches

• Distribution Placement and Development

• Sales Training

• Segment and Channel Penetration

• Appointment Setting

• Staging & White Glove Delivery

• In-service Support

• Trade Show Sales Staffing

• Marketing Program Development

• E-commerce Support




Since 2003, the Acuity Medical sales team has been one of the top healthcare sales organizations in the country. As a contract sales agency for several quality medical manufacturers, our highly skilled sales team specializes in leveraging customer relationships to generate revenue for our vendors.


Acuity offers validate results backed up by numerous trade references.


See the About Us page for more details on our sales team and business model.




In addition to being a successful sales agency, Acuity Medical has been a specialty distributor since 2005. Our warehouse and logistical support team ships, delivers, and services products to healthcare facilities all over the country with excellent fill rates and lead times. We are set up and active in several thousand accounts, allowing us to seamlessly drop in new products and vendors into our current customer base. This provides early traction and success while expanding the manufacturers reach and customer base.




Acuity Medical offers all contracted sales vendors their Partner Focus Program (PFP), which is a custom business plan developed by Acuity, with feedback from the vendor, once a contract is ratified. The goal of the PFP is to clearly identify the business development strategies, benchmarks, milestones, and expectations of the Acuity Medical sales team and partnership.


The PFP is a fluid and ongoing program reviewed periodically with the award winning Acuity Medical sales team. Once developed, it ensures “buy-in” from all parties regarding the relationship and performance parameters within each rep territory and product category.


“The strength of the Acuity Medical PFP program is it's flexibility in supporting product launches, promotions, and providing focused attention in a highly targeted and timely manner.”

T.S. / Contracted Vendor


The PFP Program includes:


• Training – Initial and Ongoing

• Mandatory Co-travel

• High Sales Call Frequency With Defined Metrics

• Acuity E-Marketing Plan

• Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

• SWOT Analysis

• Demo Sample Program

• Relevant Local / Regional Trade Shows and Associations

• Acuity Rep Incentive Bonus and Promotion Program


Since 2003 Acuity Medical, Inc has demonstrated consistent sales results for their valued manufacturer partners. Our documented results for start-up and mature product lines have occurred throughout the healthcare continuum.


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